InstantPot.com provides a lot of great info in their Frequently Asked Questions, including questions for before you buy, questions for after you buy, and how-to videos.

The InstantPot Facebook group provides many more in the Files section.

Of course most questions you can google yourself!  :)  Just a tip though. Google "instant pot" brownies, not just instant pot brownies. Trust me.

Most questions are easily found above (like how to clean the lid, remove smell from the ring, lower the saute temperature...) but I'll share some of the common questions I see. If you have any you can't find, leave a comment below and we'll find the answer!

Abbreviations in recipes:
NPR (NR) - Natural Pressure Release - Allowing the cooker to depressurize naturally until the pin drops (or until you release the vent). Usually 10-15 minutes.
QPR (QR) - Quick Pressure Release - Quickly depressurizing by turning the handle to Venting to allow the steam to escape. It's hot, loud, and takes about a minute. (If it's a high starch meal, you might get a liquid volcano situation. Just throw a towel over it.)